Hello, Beautiful!

Don’t you love how confident you feel about your body while wearing your favorite lingerie? You know, the one that hugs your every curve? Those spectacular womanly curves.

You and I can agree bathing suits aren’t built like that – nope, they do not have the same fit or feel. In fact, the whole “finding a bathing suit” experience is anything but fun. Going to a crowded store, grabbing a few meh! styles, and heading to a dressing room covered in carnival mirrors under fluorescent lights. Then the fit – oof! Your perfectly bewitching curves are suffocated or drowning in every size – skin squishing together and straps pushing out areas that shouldn’t be. And in the end, after all that hem and hawing, we leave the store frustrated; with diets to start, new workouts we swear to commit to or more excited about the cover-up we’ll buy.

Pitiful. And being a woman is supposed to be fun! So why isn’t bathing suit shopping like all our other killer female experiences?

Well, it is now!

Anahata Swimwear is dedicated to changing the way you experience swimwear.

Our Mission

At Anahata, we believe it’s time to feel confident, free and bold while wearing a bathing suit.

We believe every woman should wear swimwear tailor-made to accentuate her own unique and glorious curves.

We believe women deserve a fun and luxurious bathing suit experience.

We believe an empowered woman who loves and accepts her body is unstoppable.

We believe that when you invest in yourself, the world benefits.

We believe in celebrating the beauty in EVERY woman.

Anahata Swimwear is a heart-centered organization donating 10% of profits to organizations serving impoverished women.

Join us as we empower curves locally, nationally, and eventually, worldwide.

Anahata means..

Pronounced a-nA-ha-ta, Anahata is a Sanskrit word, which means “unstruck” or “unhurt” and represents the Heart Chakra – the place where physical and spiritual meet. Anahata implies that beneath our past grievances and pain lies a pure and spiritual place full of love.

When the heart chakra is open and flowing freely, it’s because we have a healthy love of self and accept our bodies and selves as we are – imperfectly perfect. This allows us to share our greatest love and acceptance with the world.

We designed our logo with the original Anahata symbol in mind – complete with 12 “petals” representing the 12 qualities of the heart: joy, peace, kindness, patience, love, harmony, clarity, compassion, purity, understanding, forgiveness, and bliss.

Love and acceptance of self is paramount to having a powerful impact on those around us, thus Anahata Swimwear was born. When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.

Anahata Swimwear

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