Body Talk by Biffy

The Recipe for an Awesome Relationship:
Improving communication is the key to improving the quality of any relationship, because relationships are all about connection. You don’t feel connected to someone who never talks to you or tells you what’s going on. The more you start to talk it out though, and the better you become at it, the more you have to work with in the development of your connection with that person. If two people approach each other honestly, and openly with acceptance and Love and they’re able to communicate that effectively, well that’s pretty much the recipe for an awesome relationship. Here’s the thing though, we can apply the same recipe to our relationship with our own bodies.

How to Use this Recipe to Improve Your Body Relationship:

Drum roll please…………….. *eh hem* talk to your body!

Yeah. It’s really not more complicated than that. I will admit though, that it sounds and feels incredibly silly. But, is feeling silly anything new to a Love relationship? Not really. Think about it. When two people are in Love they do silly things for each other, because they are choosing to Love that person enough that they don’t care if it’s silly. You can do that for your body, and for yourself. It takes practice, but it is SO worth it to step outside of your comfort zone and show yourself that YOU are SO worth it. Because you really are. Not in that cheesy way you might hear all the time, but I mean it. Sincerely. You. Are. Worth. So. Much. 

A Simple Way to Begin:
Standing in front of a mirror, tell yourself some Loving things. There aren’t any rules here, but I start and close with a statement of intended openness and vulnerability, and in between there are 4 categories. "I am," "I forgive," "I am grateful for," and "I receive." These are some of mine which you can use. Your heart will guide you to make changes or add some of your own. This may feel mechanical at first, like you’re just going through the motions, and that’s okay. Feelings result from action, so your emotions will catch up with you if you keep this up and make it part of your routine for a while.

- I am brave and I will let my true self, vulnerable and imperfect be seen and loved today.
- I am living the truth today, that there is always more than enough.
- I am sharing all that I have to give because I never run out.
- I am worthy of receiving and giving Love.
- I am powerfully vulnerable.
- I am to be delighted.
- I am worthy of giving and receiving pleasure.
- I am present and enjoying the present, and I walk in Love right now.
- I am open.
- I am grateful.
- I am blessed to have this beautiful body.
- I forgive myself for not loving me enough.
- I forgive myself for doubting my worth, and for treating me like I'm not worthy.
- I forgive myself for not trusting myself.
- I forgive myself for letting fear captivate me.
- I forgive myself for thinking negative things about my beautiful body.
- I am grateful for my body, that is wonderfully and beautifully made.
- I am grateful for my steadfast and pure heart, overflowing with Love and abundance.
- I am grateful for desire, and my newly developing relationship with desire.
- I receive Love now.
- I receive delight now.
- I receive pleasure now.
- I am brave and I will let my true self, vulnerable and imperfect, be seen and Loved today.

I hope you give this a try and find it helpful! I would Love to hear from you.

A bit about Biffy:

Once upon a time, about five years ago now, in a state South of here, there lived a chubby girl with self-esteem issues. She relied so heavily on her outward appearance for her confidence that she became depressed when all her efforts to control her physical body proved futile. She strived and struggled, and fought for seven, long, demoralizing years to lose weight and conquer her body...thinking the result would mean at last recovering the confidence and self-worth she’d lost, long ago. But, since this was real life and not a fairy tale things didn’t get wrapped up neatly by a prince who arrived to save the day. Instead, her prince was kind of a jerk who cheated on her, and life as she knew it fell apart. She came crashing down hard. She gave up the fight with her body. Much to her surprise, giving up also meant opening up and making room for Love to grow….which lead to a drastic outward change.

What happened next she would never have imagined. Who would have? Who would honestly expect that giving up on trying to lose weight, and instead finding ways to increase Love between her and her body would lead to rapid loss of just over 60 lbs? That it would never come back? That her confidence and self-worth were no longer tied to the state of her physical body, and that she could both receive and give unconditional Love to her body regardless of her size?

Well, certainly not me. Yet, here I am. Now that I’ve lived this adventure, and learned how backwards the approach of deprivation really is, I am basically a Love-hippy who wants to yell from the rooftops that we can stop tormenting ourselves, lol. The answer is so much better than we ever let ourselves believe.

To sum up:

I am a pleasure-seeker and teacher of relational desire, as well as a Personal Development and Transformational Love Coach. I believe real change occurs from the inside out and if you Love your body, you will change your body, for life. To find out more you can check out where you can sign up to get the first step of my transformation process for free! (No catch.) You can also Like me on Facebook and Follow me on Instagram for regular updates and Love Notes. Because I do, genuinely, Love you. (But not in a creepy way, promise.)