Find Physical and Mental Peace with Reiki Healing

by Yelitza Diosa

I'm a spiritual nerd. I have always been interested in spirituality and energy, those things which aren’t really things, but are at the source of all things. This has led me to explore various teachings, philosophies, practices, and healing modalities. Being raised in a  Baptist church, I began with studying the Bible at an early age.  As an adult, a whole new world of spirituality opened up for me. I studied yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing. Each new endeavor began mostly as a personal pursuit for my own self-development, but often led to a practice that I then shared with others.

My latest certification is in Reiki healing, which I received while on vacation this summer in my homeland of Puerto Rico. I knew that my 3 week trip would be a combination of lazy beach days, emotional family reunions, and intense spiritual work, but I was surprised and delighted when I found a Reiki workshop that fit perfectly into my already overbooked schedule. The last few days of my trip were spent with a group of American women learning the art of this gentle form of hands-on energy healing.

As I contemplate my spiritual journey and how I arrived at this place, I remember a lovely visit from my pastor and his wife many years ago. Over a bowl of ice cream we discussed our personal lives, our thoughts on God, the goings on of the church. As it was winding down, my pastor asked if I had any other questions for him. This was always my favorite part of a conversation… a chance to pick the brain of a highly respected person. I was almost uncontrollable in my excitement. Almost too quickly, I unleashed a barrage of questions that were deep and heartfelt.

“What personal messages do you receive when you are in your sacred space of silent communication with the Divine?”
“What is the depth of your spiritual experience that you have not shared publicly with your congregation?”
“Where is God when bad things happen to good people?”

These questions and more poured naturally from me, as if scripted. He and his wife both smiled warmly and glanced at one another. She commented calmly and dispassionately, “She’s a seeker.” Although I did not receive satisfactory answers to the questions I posed that night, I was quite relieved that there was a name for my condition. Apparently, I … was a SEEKER. The realization of that truth somehow made me relax a little.

Fifteen years later, I still haven’t fully answered all the deep questions about the meaning of life and my role in it, but I have gained a great deal of understanding, and more importantly, peace. I have learned that the biggest regrets are in not having lived more fully while relishing every moment. I see that life is a gift, and that living it well is the highest form of gratitude.

And so it is with this new endeavor of practicing Reiki healing, that I will seek to make it enjoyable by keeping it fun and easy and full of laughter, joy, and gratitude. I will be holding a regular group meditation for beginners as well as offering individual Reiki healing sessions. Although my practice will be centered on Reiki healing, it will also be informed by a variety of other modalities which I have trained in. I have chosen Reiki as my primary modality because it is simple, gentle, and cannot cause harm to anyone.

My healing sessions will center on releasing physical tension, untangling difficult emotions, and retraining the nervous system to a generally more relaxed state. My hope is to ally with you to support a greater sense of physical and emotional well-being. The body is designed to heal itself, and my job is to provide energetic support for that process. My hope is that every meditation and healing session I share with you will be a gentle and joyful journey into our individual and collective wholeness.

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Yelitza Gallimore, M. A.
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
Certified Life Coach
Yoga Instructor RYT 200
Reiki Practioner
Pranic Healer
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
Quantum Touch Healer