First Fabric Sourcing Trip to NYC

This past weekend sent us on a whirlwind trip to NYC to source fabric for the PopUp Party swimwear collection.

It was difficult to know what to expect, but suffice it to say that NYC didn't disappoint. While the Garment District offered plenty of fabric options, we perused manyyy bolts of fabric and several stores until we finally our fabric in the last store.

Anahata Swimwear colors reflect our target demographic - professional women. We aim to stand apart from stereotypical swimwear brands, so our colors, quality and print goals are unique. Those preferences presented quite an issue for discovering what we truly want.

I definitely look forward to the day when we can work with a consultant to source fabrics as it was quite stressful, but very educational.

However, like most fairy tales - everything works out the way it should and we were blessed to find exactly what we wanted.

Enjoy this mini video compilation of the weekend and a few photos!