Goodbye, For Now

by Ahna Hendrix

Yesterday, I packaged up our last in-house client suit and handed it to a beaming woman blown away by her new perfectly fitting Stella.   

It's not easy to share this announcement, but I am confident in our decision - Anahata Swimwear is taking a break

No, we aren't shutting down or quitting. We are stepping back, evaluating what was learned in the past (almost) two years, where we won, where we failed, and accessing what is best for the future. 

Our business model wasn't ever perfected, which made our small margins even smaller. And our backend processes, although capable of producing successful outcomes, were not streamlined, thereby rendering us incapable of scaling. 

It's freaking H A R D to build a retail startup - much less one that bucks almost every retail norm annnd then some. Hah. 

One thing is for sure, I poured everything there was to give into AS and would've given more if it was possible. I LOVE Anahata, all we stand for, our clients, our quality, and our eternal quest for making the impossible possible. 

But there comes a time when a business has to step back and evaluate the investment poured in compared to the outcome. And that is now. 

I can't tell you how long we'll be away, but I ask YOU, our amazing community, to continue supporting us, to not forget AS, and to be here when we return. 

It's hasn't been perfect but I'm very proud of how far we came in such a short time, and for all the women we've been honored to meet and help along the way. The stories, appreciative words, and encouragement will continue to reside in my heart, my ears as we move forward. 

I can only promise you honesty and transparency with our intentions. We have tons of fabric left, ready-made suits to be sold, sample suits to be bargained, so they may pop up in the near future. Know that any investment you make in our startup will help fund the next steps or pay for those already taken in faith. 

Thank you from the bottom of my everything for being with us along our journey.

And friends, do not despair or feel sorry for me or us. There are never any guarantees when starting a business - almost 90% fail the first year. But there's no talk of failure here, even if we did shut the doors today. 

We grew a beautiful business with broken pieces that must be fixed. It is wiser to pause now and return stronger and wiser for it all. 

Until then. ♥️