Installment Payments Are Here!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Sezzle, a shop now, pay later solution that makes buying an Anahata Swimwear suit even easier!  

Why did we decide to partner with Sezzle?

Because in this Amazon world, we know that cost is a barrier, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience our Made2Fit swimwear.

Allow us to be ultra-transparent for a minute. 

Making a swimsuit with a client's measurements isn't cheap, easy or quick.

For example,

First, we must hire artisan seamstresses capable of the detailed work our swimwear requires and who can work with Lycra (not an easy fabric to sew). Second, we must create a new pattern for each client according to their measurements in their preferred suit. Oftentimes this pattern gets altered at least once before becoming the standard for that client. And finally, sewing one of our seemingly basic styles takes several hours of precious workmanship. 

When you mix those components in with our excellent customer service and personalized consulting we feel confident in our price point. 

But because most women aren't used to having a good swimwear shopping experience much less finding anything that fits (more than decently) well, few want to spend the money.

And we get it! 

However, that doesn't diminish what we do or how we pay our staff.  

So we are excited to announce this partnership with Sezzle and provide our online community and clients with more options. 

You can learn more about Sezzle here or start shopping our Promo Rack and Accessories (three coverups coming soon!) immediately!

Our Made2Fit swimwear is available via installment payments when visiting us by appointment, but will not be available for online ordering until later this year.