Introducing: Anahata Swimwear

Anahata Swimwear is a dream that developed in 2016 and is coming to life in 2017.

We are changing the way women experience swimwear by redesigning the entire bathing suit buying process to make it a fun experience AND offering hand-tailored bathing suits to fit the exact measurements of your unique body, to empower every body.

Our branding will be focused on sharing the message of women's empowerment - love and total acceptance of our bodies, the importance of supporting one another and taking care of our bodies. In this mission, we will be donating 10% of every dollar made to local nonprofits helping women of all ages, accepting old bathing suits to recycle and donate back to the community, and locally volunteering time where Anahata Swimwear stores are founded.

Our mission is to become the largest custom designed swimwear brand in the world and that starts today. We've been working hard behind-the-scenes since last July, but are beyond excited to finally share Anahata Swimwear and its focus.

Watch the video to hear our story and go to our website to sign up for the waiting list to receive 25% off your first Anahata Swimwear bathing suit measured to your curves and for your body - for a limited time. And be sure to follow us on social media and take part in the journey.


Finally, those local to Wilmington can look forward to two upcoming announcements:
1. The announcement of our first nonprofit ( hint: they're AWESOME!)
2. Look out for our first pop-up launch party scheduled for March 30th where we'll release our first 5 designs, introduce our brand and mission, and begin taking orders.

Join me for the Anahata Swimwear journey and please SHARE this with the women in your life if our mission resonates with you!