Make It Happen (Part 2)

by Meghan Lee 

This is Part II from the first Make It Happen series focused on time management.

Stay on Schedule 

It’s the worst feeling when you have a busy day, you’re looking at the clock, and the amount of time you’ve scheduled in for a workout is dwindling fast.

You’re first thought may be to skip it now that you don’t have “enough time”.

But stop thinking that way right now!

Even if your hour workout has become 20 minutes, STAY ON SCHEDULE

  • Do the workout I’m giving you below.
  • If you were going to run 3 miles cut it to 1 and do 5 sprints.
  • If you were going to do weight work, incorporate it into your Hiit routine.

Depending on how hard and fast you push in those 20 minutes, you may feel like it wasn’t as good a workout, BUT the cumulative impact of always staying on schedule is going to show through in huge ways. Like I said in Body Project, Every Little Bit Counts!

EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE 5-10 minutes, do 100 squats, 20 push-ups, 50 sit-ups.

Staying on schedule will give you faster results and improve your chances of making little goals into life-long habits.

Make it short and sweet (or sweaty!)

Try short, intense routines or Hiit workouts. (High Intensity Interval Training) Think upping the energy and cutting the time.

Hiit workouts are a great way to fit exercise into a busy schedule. You go from one exercise to the next, in short, intense periods, with even shorter, sometimes active, recovery periods in the end, then you repeat.  HIIT can be used for fat loss, muscle gain and anaerobic/ aerobic endurance.

You can use any piece of equipment for this or no equipment at all. The jump rope, the rower, the treadmill, the elliptical, weights, bands, balls, ropes, kettlebells, your own body weight; anything.

As long as the exercise times are short bursts, where you have trouble catching your breath and/or you have to really push to finish those last few.

Your rests should be even shorter, where you are not fully recovered before you're right back at it.

Number one amazing Hiit tool—the jump rope, get one! You can bring it with you anywhere.

Here’s a basic example of a HIIT Routine:

Take 20 minutes, Set a number of reps goal 5, 7, 10 or set your timer 20, 30, 45 seconds, put on your music and go!

PART 1: 50 Jumping Jacks

PART 2: Jump Rope - 30 Seconds

PART 3: Push-ups

PART 4: Squats

PART 5: Burpees

PART 6: Bridges

PART 7: Sit-ups

PART 8: Plank Hold - 30 Seconds

Rest 30 seconds - 1 minute or Active Rest (marching in place).

Repeat 3x or until 20 minutes are up.

Check out my 5 Minute Hiit Workout Video! 


I like to go from one exercise to the next but if you want to put 10 seconds rest in between exercises you totally can.

IF you want to make it harder, you can do straight leg push-ups, squat jumps, elevated bridges (feet on a stability ball or chair, Sit up V ups raising your legs to touch your hands (knees bent or straight legs), Active plank (pikes, shifting your weight forward and back).

Early bird gets the worm 

Get it over with at the beginning of your day. If you already know you're the type of person that plans for the workout at the end of the day, but never actually gets to the workout part, it’s that time!! It’s time to become a MORNING PERSON. :) Did you just cringe?

If this sounds awful to you, you are not alone. But do what needs to be done, ya know?

The first 5-10 days you’ll be putting your workout clothes on at 5 am like what the heeellll am I doing. It will get easier though! And there are a few things you can do to make it a little less torturous.

  • Make sure you have your workout clothes and your outfit for the day picked out before you go to sleep for a no-fuss morning.
  • As soon as you wake up like even before you venture to the bathroom, put your workout clothes on.
  • Just get there. As soon as you’re working out, you will feel better about the mental and physical struggle you just had to go through to get there.

There’s nothing like that feeling after you’ve worked out and showered, you look at your watch and it’s 830 am. So accomplished already and the day has barely begun.

Return next week for the third installment of Make It Happen to focus on getting your workout completed in the morning.


MEGHAN LEE  is a Fitness Professional, that worked in NYC for over a decade, and has recently transplanted here to Wilmington. She is NASM certified in Personal training, Corrective Exercise, Behavior Change, and Sports Performance training. She is also a certified Yoga instructor, teaching a range of classes from Bootcamp/Hiit and Circuit training to Barre Method/Fusion classes and a range of yoga styles. Throughout her fitness career, since 2006, she has worked for popular companies in Manhattan with different approaches to fitness, not to exclude her own private client base in the NYC metro area.

From creating and running programming and workshops, to creating and advising wellness and exercise prescriptions, she has had the privilege of working with all ages and body types, gaining crucial hands-on experience and knowledge in all sorts of areas which are a touch on in this blog. Programs, challenges, exercises, injuries, flexibility, pain, health limitations, you name it. She is excited to have the opportunity to share with you all the tips and info she has accumulated over the years and Anahata are grateful to have her be a part of our blogs!