Running: An Incredible Way to Relieve Stress

by Mary-Peyton Fisher, AS Marketing Assistant Intern

Anahata Swimwear thrives on the principle of self-love. One of the main ways to achieve this is living the most active and healthy lifestyle possible. While there are so many ways to maintain physical health, I always think of running.

Running is something I have always loved. I would never describe myself as an avid runner, but it’s definitely my go-to exercise. The physical benefits behind running are great, but even more so it’s a way to gain clarity and self-confidence.

When I signed up for my first half marathon I immediately thought, “What have I done”. I mean honestly, 13.1 miles is a little crazy if you think about it, and even crazier- I paid for it. As my training went on I began to enjoy my runs more and more. Running can be such an amazing escape. Even when you run as slow as I do. There is nothing better than getting up with the sun, forgetting about your stress and troubles, and just going.

Anyone who runs will tell you that there are some days where you have no motivation and wonder why you even bother. The only way to get past these negative thoughts is to push through and remind yourself why you started in the first place.

One huge way I have overcome dry spells in my running is having someone to run with. Most of the time I run, I’m with my sister or roommate and it helps tremendously. Just having another person there with you makes it a great deal easier. Plus, a little healthy competition is always a good motivator.

…Also anyone who agrees to run 13 miles with you is either just as crazy as you are, or you know they are that great of a friend.

I’m not going to lie, even after training for months, those 13.1 miles were tough. What all made it so worth it was stepping over that finish line knowing what I had just accomplished behind me. And let me tell you, that finisher medal is better than any piece of jewelry I have ever put on.

Even if you don’t go out and run 13 miles, just get out there. As comfortable as your bed may be, I guarantee that feeling after a workout is better every time.