The Best Swimsuit Styles for Your Body Shape

It’s HARD to find a bathing suit you LOVE!

You know, the one that feels amazing, looks incredible, and fits perfectly.

So how do you find this elusive suit?

At Anahata Swimwear, our Made2Fit swimwear was designed for that exact purpose.

But if you’re not an #AnahataWoman yet, we still want you to know how to find the best suit for you!

And the easiest way to do that is to shop for your body shape.

Regardless of variables like cost, fabrics, or even fit, if a bathing suit style doesn’t flatter your body shape then it won’t be a winner. That’s how important it is!

But we’re here to give you the knowledge to find the best styles for your body shape AND the best part is that with a bit of tweaking, it can be applied to every type of clothing.

Regardless of your body shape, the overall goal is to balance out the top and bottom with styles, fabrics or embellishments. These tips should help you narrow down the multitude of choices in the marketplace to locate your awesome suit. Plus, we added a few of our own recommendations.

Let’s dive in!

Pear Shape

This body shape has more curves around the lower half of the body, i.e. hips, thighs, and legs. The goal is to accentuate the shoulders and bustline to balance out the top and bottom.

Style-features to look for:
1. Full bottom coverage with high-cut legs to narrow the hips, elongate the legs, and highlight the waistline.
2. A plunging neckline or eye-catching top that draws the eyes upward.
3. Opt for dark, solid bottoms and bright colors or prints in the top to even out the bottom and top.
4. Halter style tops will accentuate the bustline and add cleavage for smaller bustlines.
5. Try strapless suits with horizontal lines to balance out the top and bottom

1. Embellishments, frills or ruffles on the bottom
2. Tops that narrow the shoulder lines

Anahata Suit Recommendations:
1. Victoria top & bottom
2. Chloe top and Danica bottom
3. Stella
4. Audrey top and bottom


Hourglass Shape

This body shape has a narrow, well-defined waistline and hips and shoulders have the same width. The goal is to accentuate the waistline to balance out the top and bottom.


Style-features to look for:
1. Find halter tops with underwear to support a curvy bustline or add cleavage for a smaller bustline
2. High-waisted bottoms and boxy tops provide support and balance out the top and bottom
3. Try suits with color-blocking to highlight the waistline or overall shape
4. Opt for well-fitted fabric around the waistline to highlight hips and shoulders
5. Go for high-cut legs to elongate the legs and accentuate the overall body shape

1. Embellishments or excess fabric around the waistline
2. Too many frills or ruffles

Anahata Suit Recommendations:
1. Chloe top & bottom
2. Chloe top & Victoria bottom
3. Victoria top & bottom
4. Danica top and Victoria bottom
5. Audrey top and bottom


Rectangle Shape

This body shape is balanced from the bustline to the waistline to the hips in width. The goal is to add curves around the midsection to balance out the top and bottom.


Style-features to look for:
1. Create curves with cutouts, ruffles, or color-blocking.
2. Define the waist with well-fitted fabric, belts, ties or other embellishments.
3. Use strong blocks of color to define the top and bottoms.
4. Go for halter tops to accentuate the bustline and widen the shoulders.

1. Shapeless one or two pieces
2. Suits will straight lines

Anahata Suit Recommendations:
1. Stella
2. Victoria top and bottom
3. Chloe top and bottom
4. Victoria top and Danica bottom
5. Danica top and bottom
6. Audrey top and bottom


Apple Shape

This body shape has a wide torso, broad shoulders, a full bustline, waist, and upper back. The goal is to highlight the waistline and bustline to create curves and focus on vertical lines to balance out the overall shape.

Style-features to look for:
1. Try suits with shirring or ruching to define the waistline
2. Go for deep v-neck or wrap styles to draw the eye upward
3. Play with prints which create flattering movement and keep the eye moving
4. Enjoy high-waisted bottoms that create curves and accentuate the waistline
5. Opt for wider straps in the top to draw eyes upward6. Mix and match tops and bottoms colors and prints

1. Belts, bows or embellishments around the waistline
2. Shapeless suits
3. High necklines
4. Everything in one solid color or pattern

Anahata Suit Recommendations:
1. Victoria top and bottom
2. Stella
3. Danica top and Victoria bottom


Inverted Triangle Shape

This body shape has hips that are narrower than the broad shoulders and the waistline either goes in slightly or is straighter. The goal is to accentuate the hips and waistline to balance out the top and bottom.


Style-features to look for:
1. Opt for solid colored suits with printed panels along the sides to add dimension
2. Ruffles or embellishments on the bottoms
3. High-waisted bottoms accentuate the waistline
4. Dark, solid colored tops and printed bottoms
5. V-shaped necklines bring the eye downward

1. Halter tops draw too much attention to the shoulders
2. Patterns in the top
3. Wide shoulder straps

Anahata Suit Recommendations:
1. Danica top and Victoria bottoms
2. Chloe top and Victoria bottoms
3. Chloe top and Danica bottoms
4. Stella


A few extra features…

1. High-cut legs to create the illusion of longer legs
2. Elongate the body with solid bottoms and patterned tops

1. Tops or bottoms with bold prints, ruffles, and embellishments to create curves
2. Cutouts, slashes or belted suits

1. Built-in molded cups or shelf bras for extra support
2. Tops that can be adjusted in the back
3. Thick side-tie bottoms allow for adjustments

Large bustline:
1. Higher backs offer better support
2. Avoid ruffles or embellishments in the top

Small bustline:
1. Triangle tops, halter tops, ruffles, and fringes create the illusion of volume
2. Deep v-necklines enhance cleavage

Ample booty:
1. Cheeky to moderate coverage elongates the legs and minimizes the booty
2. High-waisted bottoms enhance a shapely derriere

Mini Booty:
1. Cheeky to Brazilian cuts enhance the booty to appear fuller
2. High-waisted and boy shorts add curves and shape

Did we leave anything out? Or have any questions regarding your body shape or features? Leave a comment below!