THIS Practice Can Help You Achieve Anything

Let's be honest, we all want.

Want to travel the world. Want to be successful with our career. Want to fall in love or be in love. Want to feel confident being naked (you know youuu do!). And the list goes on and on.

In my personal life, I enjoy calling these wants my goals - whether it's being successful in the kitchen, wearing that killer dress or learning how to be kinder to myself. I have lots!

But like you, I often seem to have trouble accomplishing those goals.


There could be a variety of reasons, but mainly it's because we aren't consistent. Because our dedication ebbs and flows. Because we get distracted or allow life to get in the way.

Consistency - it's an underestimated word meaning steadfast adherence to the same course, and can release incredible power into every area of our life and truly help us achieve ANYTHING.

Don't believe me? Think about it.

We frequent restaurants that consistently offer good food. We shop in stores that consistently offer quality products. We surround ourselves with people who are consistently loyal, lovable or encouraging.

We LOVE consistency.

But we overlook how crucial it is to attaining our goals.

Consistency is something I strive for everyday, and while it's not easy - it's 100% worth it. In that, here's my top 3 steps to unleashing consistency towards your goals:

1. Make a purposeful plan.

Get crystal clear about which goal to focus on first.

Once you decide sit down and take 10-15 minutes to write out a) what it is, b) why you want it, c) what will happen if you don't achieve it, d) what your plan of action is to attain it, and e) what you will do when your plan gets derailed.

The "getting derailed" plan could be the most important because real life happens and it WILL distract you along the way. To be adequately prepared to handle distractions, it's important to have a strategy in place that outlines how to deal with them.

For example, let's say my goal is to go to the gym 5x/week. I'd write out what I want to do at the gym, why it's important I go to the gym, how I will feel or what could happen if I don't go, how I will set up my days to ensure it happens, AND then what to do if I don't make it there on a designated day.

In this instance, I would plan to go on another day originally scheduled for take off or I would simply pick up the next day where I left off and not beat myself up. (This ensures negativity isn't attached to the goal.)

Bottom line, we can't just wish for something and it come true. We have to get definite about what it is and then be purposeful about making a plan of action to begin taking the steps towards achieving it.

2. Hang your goals in plain sight.

Yep, I'm asking you to write again - not type! Why? Because the flow of writing with our hands to be absorbed into our minds and then becoming reality IS REAL.

But this round, you're writing down your current goal and posting it EVERYWHERE.

I use Post-its and stick them on my car steering wheel, bathroom mirror, notebooks, computer monitor, kitchen cupboards - I'm sure you get the idea. The more you write it, the more your mind absorbs it, and then the more you read it, the more the universe comes together to help you achieve it.

That wasn't said to sound woo-woo because whether you're a spiritual person or scientific, both believe and promote this practice as it releases momentum and eventual success.

3. Surround yourself with those who are consistent or practice consistency.

We are the sum total of the five people we hang out with most.

You've probably heard that many times, but if you haven't accepted it before - do so now. NO ONE is outside of influence and that's scary when you realize that the people around you are influencing your ability to succeed or flounder.

You're the ONLY one responsible for accomplishing anything in life. So if you want to attain your goals, surround yourself with consistent people who are striving towards their own.

Being successful isn't easy and doesn't happen overnight. So when you experience setbacks or screw-ups (happens to everyone!), you will need people there to encourage you and help you jump back on track.

*Words of caution: There will be a tug towards trying to accomplish multiple things at once and I get it, believeeee me I get it. But if you want to be successful, start with one at a time. In a world that is constantly trying to pull at us from every direction, train yourself to start with one and see results much faster.


I hope these practices add value to your life and set you on your way to accomplishing whatever it is that you desire because YOU CAN.

I believe in you. :)

~ Ahna Hendrix