Transform Your Life with Gratitude

by Ahna Hendrix

My life changed recently. Like totally changed - from the inside out.

How? By practicing thankfulness.

I know, I know - you’ve probably heard plenty about grateful journaling or something similar. I was a skeptic, too! But this past year has been really tough.

Before I launched Anahata Swimwear, my life was easier. My marketing agency was successful, I had a great social life, and well, I’d paid my dues as a business owner and was reaping the rewards.

However, the best part was my state of mind. I found meditation, enjoyed a rich prayer life, thrived on balance (minus the hormonal she-demon who seeks to destroy the world), and prided myself on being positive and manifesting great things in my life.

But fast forward to a few months ago and I was barely getting by - mentally, physically, financially.

The unusually long Wilmington winter expenses stayed high and my savings and credit were wiped out supporting the business. Even worse, I had allowed several disappointing incidents with AS to beat down my high morale and ability to bounce back. 

I was holding on, but barely.

Then God worked His magic and my father sent me a book called, The Soul of Money. I highly recommend it. Within one chapter I was inspired to buy a copy for someone else. It will change the way you view money forever.

But one of the chapters shared a few blurbs on the importance of thankfulness and I remembered my father telling me that our level of thankfulness describes our mental health state and happiness.

So on a whim, I downloaded a simple, free app to keep track of thankful items each day. My personal stipulations were to name at least three things and explain why every day


Six weeks later and the difference is incredible!

On the inside, I am kinder, softer, have more patience and empathy, smile and laugh easier, and have a renewed ability to shift my focus to positive thoughts when viewing potentially stressful (or downright stressful) situations.

On the outside, I took control of my finances by picking up a fun side job to offset expenses while building AS, began consistently working out, and regained clarity to grow AS. 

Best of all, I haven’t felt so happy or proud of myself in a long time!

And not because of anything I accomplished, but simply because being thankful makes me radiate from the inside out, which spills into every area of my life.

Thankfulness generates a positive energy that brings positive conditions and life literally becomes favorable every day.

Which is why I had to share my story with our AS family!

Whether you’re drowning (like I was) or have everything you need but still aren’t happy, being thankful can turn your life around when practiced consistently and genuinely.

You read my formula above and it’s easy - you don’t even need an app! Just take 5-10 minutes at the start of each day to write a least three things you’re thankful for and why.

So now I'm challenging YOU to give it a try! Simply commit to two weeks and see what happens.

The time will pass anyway so you might as well try something new.

But come back and share it with me - I'd love to know!