Use THIS to Create the Life You Desire in 2018

 by CEO & Founder, Ahna Hendrix

There are few practices that I incorporated into my life that made a lasting impact, aka - changed it entirely.

But Goal Setting is at the top of my list.

If you were like me (prior to), I had a million excuses why setting goals wasn't for me. "I like living one day at a time.. What if I don't live that long, why does it matter?.. Five year plan? Psht. How about the one week plan?!..

I didn't understand. Flat out didn't understand.

But today, my mind holds a different narrative.

In 2014, I was living abroad in Vietnam experiencing the hardest time of my life. I lost the majority of my business clients (from my digital agency), my health deteriorated to the point where I thought colon cancer might be a possibility, and quite frankly, there were too many days when I didn't know if I would ever make it back to the US.

During that year, a friend brought up setting goals with me over wine. I was my typical "meh, meh" self, but he stopped me and asked, How much money would you like to make every month? And although I acted nonchalant, I felt something mentally open up as I spit out a random (and HIGHLY unlikely given my circumstances) number.

Conversation moved forward and I forgot about setting goals by the time I went home.

By late 2014, I had returned to the US, was diagnosed with Celiac's disease, and made a decisive decision to restore my health and business.

I had come too close to the edge of a life I wasn't proud of, and that wasn't going to happen again.

In December 2014, I came across a friend's presentation he created in celebration of his 30th birthday outlining his life lessons and goal setting techniques. I had watched this person create an enormously successful life that gave back at every chance, so I lapped his advice up hungrily.

It was life changing for me. Not just because I read it, but because I put it into action.

And what's crazy is that a few months down the road, I achieved the revenue goal that was dreamed up at a wine bar in Vietnam - the one I didn't think was possible.

Since then, I have made goal setting an active part of my life with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 5-year and 10-year plans. The five and 10 year lists are a BLAST to conjure up as I get lost throwing down insane ideas and dreams..

Because, why NOT?

In the newfound revelry I developed my own yearly goal setting worksheet. It is a collaboration of the best goal setting plans I've come across with some Ahna flavor sprinkled in, i.e. the fun.

THISSSS I give to you freely because I hope it has the same effect on your life as it did mine. And even if you decide my outline is not for you, but use someone else's - it is a success.

It will change your life IF you let it.

But before I go, there's one thing my goal-setting friend suggested that I now share with you: Set goals so high that you can only achieve 80%.

And that is simply to remind us to push ourselves to think outside the box, to dream bigger than we ever have before, to ignore the boundaries we think are preventing us, and begin down a new road towards believing all things are possible.

Because no one but YOU is capable of creating the life you want to live.

Happy soon-to-be 2018, Anahata Lovers!

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