Transform Your Life with Gratitude
by Ahna Hendrix My life changed recently. Like totally changed - from the inside out. How? By practicing thankfulness. I know, I know - you’ve probably heard plenty about grateful journaling or something similar. I was a skeptic, too! But...
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Team Spotlight: Madi Wooten
1. What is your position with Anahata Swimwear? I am a graphic design and photography intern. 2. Where are you from? I am originally from Winston Salem, North Carolina. After high school, I moved to Wilmington for college and I’ve...
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Become Our Ambassador!
We're looking for ambassadors to help us spread the love of Anahata Swimwear! But we aren't just looking for swimwear lovers, we're looking for like-minded women in our promotion of women's empowerment, the importance of self-love, and focus on having...
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