You Deserve More

Let's be honest - you really dislike shopping for a bathing suit.

It makes you feel terrible about your body. You can't find enough support or coverage in practical, stylish designs. You have minimal time to find a new suit because you're too busy with your career or children. And you settle 99% of the time on a suit you're "eh" about. 

You're FAR from alone. The swimwear industry doesn't provide a great shopping experience or a flattering fit. 

At Anahata Swimwear, we created the Made2Fit Formula™ which combines a personalized shopping experience and bodily measurements to create fully-customized swimwear that’s Made for You™. 

We do swimwear differently. How? 

  1. Our swimwear is Made2Fit, which means we gather your measurements to make YOU the perfect suit Made For You.
  2. Our swimwear is Made in Wilmington, NC by Women for Women. 
  3. Our swimwear is handcrafted by artisan seamstresses who create beautifully detailed and durable swimwear.
  4. Our swimwear is environmentally-friendly. It's made from premium, biodegradable fabric, available in reversible options (up to 4 ways to wear one suit), and individually-made making waste nearly obsolete.
  5. Our fabrics are biodegradable - made from recycled fibers. Our suits are individually made which makes fabric waste nearly obsolete. Several of our suits are reversible so there are multiple (up to 4) ways to wear one suit. It's time for a change.   
  6. Our brand is passionate about promoting women's empowerment through self-love, and we put it into action by donating 10% of profits to organizations working with impoverished women. 

Our Story

In April 2016, after a full day of bathing suit shopping, I left the last store feeling dejected, gross and terrible because I couldn't find anything to fit my Spanish XS top and XL bottom body.

I had overcome an auto-immune disease and was in the best shape of my adult life yet I was mentally cursing my body.

Then I realized it's not my body's fault - it's the fault of generic sizing! There's NO possible way all the incredible varieties of female bodies could be summed up into a sizing standard.   

I remembered a Costa Rican shop from my travels 10+ years ago where I walked into a shop and chose my style, my fabric, was measured and picked up a perfectly fitting suit two weeks later! 

An online search revealed little to no options and that's when it hit me - what woman doesn't want a suit that fits her body? 

Not some generic version of her - HER? 

And don't we deserve it? Women basically have to wear a glorified bra & underwear to the beach - at a minimum, they should fit. 

But I didn't decide to improve and fix the swimwear industry because of my love for swimwear or a burning desire to join fashion retail.   

The impetus for saying yes and risking everything happened when I realized that the brand could share my body’s story - the story of so many women. It could be a voice to encourage women to find their freedom, a path to help them rediscover how absolutely BEAUTIFUL they are, and offer a helping hand to impoverished women (a longtime dream of mine).   

My burning desire is to show women that when we invest in ourselves, the world benefits. As ladies, we aren’t taught that, we don’t see it modeled, and we have no idea how to cultivate it. 

But at Anahata Swimwear we’re removing the blinders one by one - and funny enough, it’s all through swimwear. 

CEO & Founder, Ahna Hendrix


Our Mission

At Anahata, we believe it’s time to feel confident, free and bold while wearing a bathing suit.

We believe every woman should wear swimwear tailor-made to accentuate her own unique and glorious curves.

We believe women deserve a fun and luxurious bathing suit experience.

We believe an empowered woman who loves and accepts her body is unstoppable.

We believe that when you invest in yourself, the world benefits.

We believe in celebrating the beauty in EVERY woman.

Anahata Swimwear is a heart-centered organization donating 10% of profits to organizations serving impoverished women.

Join us as we empower curves locally, nationally, and eventually, worldwide.