How to Order


We know that ordering our innovative M2F swimwear is different, but we are here for you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone for help or clarification. 

But our website was designed to provide all the resources to make it a new and fun experience.

In regards to getting your measurements, our first recommendation is to visit a professional seamstress with our downloadable PDF

Second, you can utilize our measuring video tutorials. Invite a few friends and host a measuring party, welcome your favorite friend over, or make it a mother/daughter date. Either way, you will need an assistant to record accurate measurements. Do NOT attempt to get accurate measurements on your own.

To get started, download our Client Measurements PDF


  1. Get measured up! 
  2. Enter your measurements into the dropdowns and always round UP when dealing with .25 measurements
  3. Choose your style. Mix and match tops and bottoms to flatter your body shape.
  4. Choose you Main Fabric. This is the most prominent fabric. 
  5. Choose your Accent Fabrics. These choices will complement the Main Fabric and act as the opposite side of the suit. 
  6. Read our Shipping & Returns policies and Terms & Conditions BEFORE purchasing. before purchasing.
  7. Review our turnaround time. Every swimsuit is made individually and adequate time is required to make your suit. Take our guidelines seriously. 
  8. Be excited to receive your M2F swimsuit in the mail! 
  9. Leave us a review and tag us in your new swimsuit or send it to us to share on social media. 


AS Swimwear Guarantee

By supporting Anahata Swimwear, you support swimwear that’s Made in the US by local artisan seamstresses, environmentally-conscious, uses premium fabrics, promotes women’s empowerment through self-love and puts it into action by donating 10% of profits to organizations helping impoverished women.

At AS, we confidently stand by the quality and durability of our swimwear by guaranteeing our garment standards for the lifetime of the product. Our guarantee does not include damaged fabrics due to improper care or owner neglect.